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Sella Ronda E-Bike

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Our rental shop is located directly in the centre of Ortisei in Val Gardena and offers you perfectly kept bikes at top prices for your highlight on two wheels in the mountains.

E-Bike Fully
E-Bike Kids
Child seat
2 h.
18 €
26 €
1/2 d.
32 €
39 €
24 €
5 €
1 d.
46 €
58 €
39 €
8 €
2 d.
83 €
105 €
77 €
12 €
3 d.
118 €
148 €
111 €
16 €
4 d.
152 €
188 €
142 €
20 €
5 d.
182 €
224 €
91 €
23 €
6 d.
210 €
254 €
182 €
26 €

Family E-Bike Tour (*Tour min. 3 p. 17.00 - 18.00 ) - 30 € / person
E-Bike Tour (*Tour min. 4 p.) - 1/2 day - 60 € / person

Private tour on request

Terms and conditions

  • The participant, states that he has a good physical condition and does not have any health problems, which could affect his participation in mountain bike excursions. He also states that he has not taken alcoholics, drugs, or medicines that may affect his ability to drive mountain bikes.
  • The participant, states that he / she is aware that mountain bike trips have a high risk of accident (falls, crash, accidents, etc.) and therefore a higher degree of self-reliance and caution is required. During each excursion the participant is obliged to wear a protective helmet in accordance with the applicable safety regulations;
  • The participant declares that he / she is aware that mountain biking is an extreme sport and is responsible for any damages and injuries to himself and / or third parties;
  • The participant, claims to be aware, that even by careful guidance from a guide, risks can not be ruled out, during mountain bike excursions.
  • The organizer shall not be liable, for injuries to the participant, due to the failure, of the instructions, given by the guide, as well for the lack of compliance of the participant of the rules of the road code;
  • The participant declares, to be aware that despite the respect of all safety measures, a residual risk remains during a mountain bike trip, and renounce any claim of the organizator in case of damage and injuries
  • The participant hereby undertakes: to renounce for claims, and claims for damages against the organizer and all the authorities, and persons associated with it;
  • The participant hereby undertakes: to keep the organizer free, from any claim, and compensation costs or expenses related to damages caused, by the undersigned persons, to persons and / or things, during the mountain bike excursion, and expressly agrees, without exception, with this exemption of responsibility.

This rules must be respected in a mountainbike trip

  • Follow the instructions of tour guides
  • Read only on identified bike ways
  • Do not leave traces in the landscape
  • Keep your mountainbike always under control
  • Respect the other excursionists
  • Saving flora and fauna
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